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Memebox Blackheads No More Unboxing and Review

First of all if you haven't seen the YouTube video I made when I received this box it's probably a good place to start. Or not, whatever. I'll only a cry a little bit if you refuse to watch it.

So I thought I would revisit this box in writing now that I have tried everything in it. Bit more useful than "Oh that smells like.... wait... I had something for this....."

1. Migabee Hot & Cool Pore Care Set 30ml + 30ml + 70ml RRP $43

Step 1 Hot Pore Peeling System
The instruction on the card was to apply over my whole face but as my blackheads are only an issue on my nose, cheeks and chin those were the only places I applied this product. In hindsight I can confidently say thank fuck for that decision! The pepper extract was supposed to be warming, yeah I'd call it warming if you call downing a shot of wasabi sauce warming (clue: I don't, I call it hellish). I was supposed to keep it on for 10-20 minutes but there was no way I was keeping that shit on my face for a second longer than 10 minutes. In fact I may have removed it around the 7 minute mark, my eyes were streaming too much to read the timer. In regards to the peeling I encountered neither the peel-off-face-mask kind of peeling nor the Korean peeling-gel-that-balls-up type of peeling. Too much heat not enough peel.

Step 2 Cooling Mask Clean 3 in 1
At this point I was glad for the relief of the cooling mask, again I only applied it to areas where I have blackhead issues. I was instructed to leave on for 1-3 minutes so I opted for 3 minutes of sweet relief from step 1. It went on like a standard clay mask, and I removed it gently with warm water and a muslin cloth, my skin felt a bit dry afterwards but better than it did after step 1. Little did I know what agony awaited me...

Step 3 Peppermint Witchhazel Mist
I suppose the clue should have been in the name, I've always found peppermint products too strong for my skin but the word mist had me so excited I sprayed this all over my face with wild abandon. INSTANT REGRET. It stung like a bitch and continued to sting for about ten minutes. I used my Ladykin Broccoli Essence Toner (you may recognise this from such hits as the Superfoods box) to calm my face the fuck down but the damage was done. My right (face) cheek remained red for almost a week.

HOWEVER, I don't blame the products for my reaction, I have sensitive skin so I knew this box would be risky. I took the chance just for you dear readers. So I hope you're happy with yourselves.

2. Nella Fantasia Pore Control Astringent Gel 150ml RRP $34

This product is described as an all-in-one pore toning gel but there are no instructions as to when in the regimen I'm meant to use it. I opted for before toner because..... well just because. I haven't used it as often as the cleansers but I do like how matte my face is once I've applied it. I might experiment with using it after toner and see how that goes because I'm just that kind of crazy risk taker.

3. ProYou Pore Control Foam Deep Cleanser 100ml RRP $34

This remains my favourite product in the box, I've used it on and off for over a week and my skin hasn't dried out or thrown a hissy fit by breaking out. It carbonates beautifully, much better than the melting cleanser in the Bubble Pop Cosmetics box and if left alone will continue bubbling until it starts to droop much like the Elizavecca Piggy Clay Mask in the OMG 1 box. A good look for a terrible selfie. If you see anyone in the Facebook Memebox trade groups selling this don't buy it, it will undoubtedly make your face fall off because I'm fairly sure it's poisonous to everyone but me. But hey, if you wanna take that risk with your only face then whatevs. My best advice is to let me buy it so you don't have to.

4. Dermahouse Deep Cleaning Cream 150ml RRP $18

Your eyes do not deceive you, it is indeed ANOTHER cleanser in this box. This one I like to use of an evening to remove makeup and SPF as the first part of my double cleanse routine. I then use the ProYou cleanser straight afterwards with the pore brush that came in this box. As stated on the card this cleanser really does leave behind a protective hydration shield - or a layer of avocado oil to you and me. I have no problem with this but those of you with an oilier skin type might not be keen. I think for the price this is an excellent quality cleanser.

5. Cheek Room Pore Brush $36

I had no idea that I needed a pore brush until I received this product! As you will know if you've seen my videos I have Arthritis in my hands so on a good day washing my face is awkward and on a bad day it's plain painful. This brush has eliminated that problem from my life completely. Words cannot convey how soft this brush is, I have sensitive skin and the brush doesn't irritate whatsoever. As much as I love it I wouldn't pay more than £10 to replace, hopefully I won't be needing to any time soon. My only issue with Cheek Room is I'm really not keen on the woman they use for their branding, she looks more like you'd find her hanging around the docks than she does classy pin-up if you ask me. Just a minor annoyance in the grand scheme of things though.

6. Purederm Nose Pore Strips Charcoal RRP $6

Well what can I say about pore strips? They rip my skin off, leave my nose red raw and don't make a blind bit of difference to my blackheads. I found these Purederm strips to be no exception. Oh well, guess they'll go to someone else as a freebie in a swap.


I'm really happy with this box, whilst my blackheads haven't gone away completely they are less noticeable and getting two good cleansers that I'm able to use every day is a major result for me. The only things I won't use are the Migabee products and the pore strips making it four out of six I'll be keeping. I therefore stamp this box Kitty approved!

You should buy this on restock if:
  • You like cleansers, in particular the carbonating kind
  • You have oily or combination skin
  • You've always wanted to try a pore brush but don't want to spend $20 on a brush alone

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