Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Memebox Superfoods Review

This was one of my first purchases from Memebox back in Summer 2014 and yet I only got around to cracking it open and using everything in October 2014. I almost didn't order the box at all but it came in a value set with something else, I think it might have been the best Meme decision I ever made.

1 Ladykin Elmaju Broccoli Essence Toner 150ml RRP $14
I wasn't sure what to expect from this product, I was sceptical about the essence-and-toner in one claim and also concerned it might smell like farts. You know, because of the 90% broccoli extract. It has a really neat dispenser on it, it's a disk shaped pump that you hold against a cotton wool pad (or directly on your face if you're a rebel like me) and when you apply pressure the product comes through the disk onto the cotton wool. Yes I'm waffling about the pump, look I'll just take a photo it's easier.

To my relief the product doesn't smell at all like farts, it actually smells quite sweet and very natural. It is thicker than a standard toner and I believe this to be the essence element of the formulation, it takes a couple of minutes to completely sink in to my skin if I use it directly on my face like an essence but dries much quicker if I apply to cotton wool. I use it like an essence if I'm having a bad skin day. Considering the low price of this product (my previous Western toner was £22) I am really impressed with the quality to the extent that I would consider replacing it once it runs out.

2. The Skin House Aloe Soothing Vitamin Gel 50ml RRP $19
I really like how luminous green this product is, it's as though I've sourced myself some bodily fluids from Slimer (if you don't know he's from Ghostbusters then I truly feel sorry for you). Unfortunately on my skin this gel is a bit TOO much like a Slimer kiss in that it sits on my skin refusing to absorb leaving my face so sticky that I woke up the next morning with the dog's leg actually stuck to my face. True Story (full disclosure: not a true story). I used it for a new nights before realising I was never going to get on with how sticky it is so I chucked it in the pile of crap that I sent to Martha as part of our mega swap.

3. Secret Nature From Jeju Peeling Gel 150ml RRP $26
I already have two peeling gels on the go so I gave this particular peeling gel away to Miss Panda in a recent swap. You can see her thoughts on it compared to two other peeling gels here: I'll sum it up for you, it's not as good as the Lemon D-Toc peeling gel which you can buy on eBay for far less than Memebox would have you pay for it.

4. Ladykin Phytoplan Broccoli Wrinkle Radiance Power Ampoule 50ml RRP $50
I started off loving this ampoule then as my regimen grew and grey it sort of got dropped off the list, then Miss Panda sent me a collection of things she wasn't digging on and in it was a second bottle of this! Reminded that I used to love this I slotted it back into my regimen and once again the love affair continues. The bottle is one of those weighty glass types that make it feel super fancy and I think it looks pretty cool too. It has a pleasant scent to it that I am going to totally fail to describe... err fresh almost fruity I guess. Look it doesn't smell like farts or flowers, those are the two other main scent groups right? It is creamy in colour but doesn't leave a white cast, it's a sort of thick gel cream consistency. My biggest gripe with this ampoule is that it leaves my face super sticky but then again so do lots of other ampoules/serums/essences. 

5. Pure Smile Strawberry Milk Essence Mask 23ml RRP $1
I hate strawberry scents in skincare, I like real strawberries but I find the chemical scent used in skincare to smell nothing like the real thing. So I gifted this mask to a friend who made much better use of it than I would.

6. e choice Red Ginseng Eye Wrinkle Solution Treatment 30ml RRP $6
I don't understand how this eye cream can be so cheap yet so nice to use! I've tried many Western eye creams and only ever liked one - Premier Cru The Eye Cream but as that cream is so expensive I didn't replace it when it ran out. This product smells faintly of ginseng to me but not offensively so, the smells disappears once on. It's one of the few Korean eye creams that wasn't so heavy that I awoke with puffy eyes the next day but I can't honestly say it has made any improvement to my eye area. I enjoy that the texture is a cream coloured thick gel cream, it feels really luxurious compared to the other Korean eye creams I've tried.

Overall I really really enjoyed this box, I would totes recommend it in a restock if Memebox hadn't recently announced they will no longer be selling boxes. You will only be able to shop with them if you live in a country with a distribution warehouse so that's the USA, Korea and China. Oh well, nice knowing you Memebox. Don't let the bathroom door slap you on the ass on your way out...

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